Dramatic River Rescue close to Stamford
9th June 2008
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Riverboat Cruise Rescues Man

On Saturday night, a Key Ferry Cruises riverboat cruise on the Nene was involved in a dramatic rescue. A party of guests from Deeping St James spotted a man drowning in the fast-flowing river and threw him a lifeline.

the man was hauled on board shivering, barely lucid and almost hypothermic, but his first words were 'I have to find my son'.

The ferry crew feared that the boy was also in the water, so at 8.45 they raised the alarm. Police then searched close to the Woodston Railworld pedestrian bridge with the police helicopter also joining the search along the north banks of the Nene.

Passers-by were also alerted by police to look out for the 7 year old boy. After 45 anxious minutes, police established that the boy was actually safe with his mother, and that the man was 'confused'. the search was then called off with the father being taken to Peterborough Hospital.

The crew of the Ferry were commended both by the police and the guests on board for saving the man's life.

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