Dorset council install microphones to monitor rooster crowing
23rd August 2009
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A council in Dorset has installed £5,500 worth of microphones near a five year old Black Rock rooster's coop after receiving complaints that it's crowing too loudly. 
A bitter feud pitting neighbour against rural neighbour has broken out in Sturminster Newton in Devon after some people say that the time old countryside sound of the rooster crowing is too loud.  Another faction is behind the farmer, saying that it's part of the deal of living in the country.

the council are taking the complaint seriously, however, and have installed expensive equipment in order to ascertain the noise level produced by the morning crower.

Personally I think it's par for the course if you live in the country - if you can't stand the heat get out of the fire sort of thing.

However, there ARE forms of anti social behaviour that can be more than annoying, and the rise of the ASBO is proof of how prevalent this has become in our society.

There's an organisation that's dedicated to helping to stamp out this anti-social behaviour, and it's based in Stamford! Sharon Clephane's Big Pink Heart is working towards a more respectful society - find out more by clicking here

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