Dining Fork in Gosling's wing in Wansford
13th July 2009
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RSPCA officers picked up a gosling with a silver dining fork through its wing at Bridge End Wansford this morning (Monday).

They received a tip off from a member of the public last night, but were unable to catch the bird until this morning. The tines of the dining fork have gone right through the animal's wing, protruding onto the underside.

RSPCA think that this was a deliberate act; it would need some force to get the fork prongs all the way through the wing, and the gosling would have to be very close. It is very unlikely to have been an accident.

The bird is being cared for at the Clear Ridge Vets in Stafmord at the moment.

RSPCA would like to hear from you if you can shed any light on this incident at all. You can contact tham by calling 0300 1234 999.

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