Diamonds from Michael Jackson's hair?
28th July 2009
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Michael Jackson's hair to be made into Diamonds

An American company seems to be gruesomely cashing in on singer Michael Jackson's recent death. The company specialises in converting human remains into precious stones, and they claim to have purchased a lock of Jackson's hair.

According to the Telegraph, LifeGem said it got the hair strands from the producer of the 1984 Pepsi ad in which the singer's hair caught fire. The company says that it's currently evaluating the hair sample to see how many diamonds they can make out of it. They anticipate 'great interest' in the limited collection and say they've already  made diamonds from Beethoven's hair.

Their technique subjects the carbon found in biological matter to intense pressure, which recreates the stresses and extremes of temperature occuring below the earth's surface which naturally transforms rocks into diamond crystals.

Bereaved relatives are usually charged between £2,500 and £15,000 for a permanent memento of their loved ones — but of course 'Jackson diamonds' would command a much higher price.

Jackson's sudden death last month at the age of 50 has meant a huge surge of interest in King of Pop memorabilia, - the single white glove from the 1984 Victory Tour is expected to reach over £100,000 when it goes under the hammer later this year.

Footage from the Pepsi advert accident where he suffered third degree burns to his face and scalp
 (which apparently started Jackson's addiction to pain killers) emerged days after Michael Jackson's death.

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