Customers demand 24/7 service.
1st September 2008
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The demand by the customer for around the clock service will force businesses to start becoming more creative about offering flexible working to their employees.
Nine out of 10 senior business managers across Europe are more likely to choose a supplier who makes its customer service functions available 24 hours per day, a recent survey revealed. And 89 % of the 3,000 managers surveyed for technology firm Avaya were willing to pay more for so-called "always on access". But only 17 % of European firms offer the flexible working that would be needed to meet these demands, Avaya said.
The survey, Flexible Working in Europe and Russia, also found that respondents wanted to choose how they wanted to be communicated with. The majority - 70% opted for the telephone.
How ready then is your business to respond to your customers demands? Recrion advises companies how to tackle flexi working and flexi benefits innovatively so that both employer and employee achieve their objectives.
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