Customer finds poisonous stems in salad bag
18th August 2009
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 Whilst shopping in a discount supermarket  in Germany, a woman discovered a poisonous weed in bags of mixed salad.

The customer, who has a specialized knowledge of plants, found traces of common groundsel (senecio vulgaris) - which can cause extensive liver damage if taken in large amounts - in a Plus store in Hanover, Germany.

A Plus spokesperson said that it was hard for laymen to tell the difference between rocket and groundsel, but that the affected bags were all removed from the shelves.

The University of Bonn detected more than 2,500 micrograms of poison -- 2,500 times more than the recommended daily allowance -- in 150 grams of salad,  after samples were sent to them for testing.  The Minister for consumer protectionism in Rhineland-Palatinate warned shoppers to be vigilant, saying that 'no one should eat plants or parts of plants that have an unusual taste'

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