Changes at the Fine Food Store
13th June 2008
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As usual there's something special going on at the Fine Food Store.

I noticed there had been some changes going on at The Fine Food Store on St Mary's Street so I popped in to see Jenny for a chat and this is what she told me.

It's been just over four years since we opened and as you can see we've made a few improvements of late. The is now open - a wonderful place to sip an iced coffee and read a paper - and our interior has undergone a major revamp too. We hope everyone likes it!

We've also added a few new recipes and a tasty breakfast menu too. We often ignore breakfast in the UK, from a 'good-eating' and a social perspective. But here at The Fine Food Store we have been thinking a great deal about the first meal of the day and come up with delicious granolas, heavenly maple pancakes and sausage baguettes.

We now have a children's menu too. We've been fortunate to watch many families grow up over the last few years and the new kid's menu reflects the conversations we've had with mums and dads about their children's' eating habits. The highlight? The soldier-sandwiches.

Despite the recent revamp, our philosophy here at The Fine Food Store remains the same.

We always use local produce where possible, we ensure our suppliers meet our rigorous standards and many of our recipes are passed down from generation to generation. My Granny, for instance, makes the mince pies and the cakes are my Mum's. The sausages come from Grasmere, the eggs from local smallholdings and the bread from local bakers.

The location inspires us too. Many of the businesses on St. Mary's Street and Hill are independent and there's a true kinship among us. Simply walking into this beautiful building in one of Stamford's most traditional areas gives us a wonderful feeling every day.

But most of all, it's the passion for good food that gives The Fine Food Store its uniqueness.

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