Camp Co-Op back in business
30th October 2008
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Co-op back after three months

Happy shoppers flocked to the new temporary Co-op superstore in Oakham when it opened three months to the day after the building was wrecked by fire. It's housed in a giant £300,000 tent rented from De Boer in Northamptonshire, and took only two days to erect.

The temporary structure will stay on the car park area at the Co-op site on Burley Road until the new regular store goes up in about 18 months.

Oakham residents were delighted to have their co-op back.
DeBoer, a Duth company, has provided welfare accommodation after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and mortuary facilities and forensic work accommodation after the London bombings on July 7, 2005.

Back in July the Co-op was burned down after thieves tried to break into the cash machine using cutting equipment.
Does anyone know if the thieves were caught (red handed as it were)?
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