BOTOX - for your feet!!
28th October 2008
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BOTOX is now being used to ease the pain of long term high heel wearing.

The condition - dubbed "stilettotarsal" - causes pain in the metatarsal area - the soft tissue on the ball of the foot.

Some women suffer so much pain, that they are forced to give up wearing high heels and have to opt for flat shoes instead.

Botox injections - usually used to treat ageing faces by smoothing out facial wrinkles - plump up the ball of the foot and can cure the condition. One clinic in Merseyside has seen a 20% rise in the number of women over 40 asking for the 'foot filler' injections, which costs around £300. It is felt that the procedure could become as popular as facelifts or breast enhancements.

Stilettotarsal isn't the sort of pain that's brought on by a pair of new shoes but is caused by years of teetering around on high heels. Women put up with the pain because the shoes are so much part of their appearance, but the extra padding offered with the botox injections can really ease the discomfort.

  • I don't know if you can get these injections in Stamford, but we've certainly got a great podiatrist in town with the InStep foot clinic. So if you need your feet pampered click here for more information.
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