Avanced broadband for Companies in Stamford
25th June 2008
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Lincolnshire Council and BT offer a first for Stamford Businesses

... With a partnership between Lincolnshire County Council and BT, rural businesses throughout the county will get access to a new business broadband service delivered wirelessly.

The new WiFi technology helps to eliminate the problems some people are having with broadband due to the length of the telephone lines.

Lincolnshire's the first county in the UK to deploy this advanced broadband on such a large scale. All of the country's telephone exchanges have now been broadband enabled by encouraging users to register for the service. This includes exchanges that had been deemed uneconomic.

Lincolnshire Council say that this means that broadband is accessible to as many people as possible throughout the county.

Is your broadband service OK? what problems do you get either with your provider or the line - and do you know which it is?

What's the best broadband provider for the region?

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