Animal Myths Exposed by the PDSA
14th July 2009
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The PDSA is dispelling widely held ideas about animals such as:

  • dogs only being able to see in black and white
  • purring means that a cat is content
  • a dog wagging its tail shows that it is happy
  • dogs will only eat as much as they need (they don't, they're related to wolves with a natural tendency to gorge in case their next meal doesn't arrive on time)
  • rabbits should always be given carrots
  • cats should be given milk

because they are worried that such beliefs may lead to owners inadvertently harming their pets.

For instance, it could be harmful to overfeed your dog, making him obese, and the idea of 'dog breath' is a myth - bad breath could be a sign of disease.

Rabbits making ideal companions for guinea pigs is also not necessarily true warns the group, as they say that the larger animal sometimes bullies it smaller neighbour.

Also, the image of goldfish only having a few second memory hs been challenged by a study which found that they remembered to avoid an area of their tank associated with tiny electronic shocks for at least 24 hours.

And finally, tests using food rewards have shown that dogs can distinguish blue, grey and yellow objects rather than seeing only in black and white.

So there!

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