A great recipe for Beef Wellington from Thierry Daugeron
17th August 2009
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Ingredients For 8 persons:

  • ½ Filet of beef
  • 500 gm of mushrooms
  • 2 bags of fresh spinach
  • 500 gm “Pate brisée”
  • One egg
  • Salt & pepper
  • A nut of butter
  • Mixed dry herbs
  • 400 gm of chicken liver parfait


  • 1 large frying pan
  • 1 red carving board
  • 1 green carving board
  • A mixer
  • 2 large bowls
  • A carving fork
  • A large saucepan
  • A large knife
  • A sieve
  • A pallet knife 
  • A brush

Preparation (about 1hour) 

  • First prepare the beef filet
    • Make sure all nerves are taken off the filet
    • Sear all sides of the filet in a very hot pan
    • Keep the filet in the fridge until needed
  • Prepare the vegetables for the Beef Wellington.
    • Cut the mushrooms and put them in the mixer.
    • Once finely mixed add the mixed dry herbs and some salt and pepper.
    • Keep in a bowl separate
    • Now heat up some water with a bit of water
    • Put all spinach leaves (after washing them) into the hot pan.
    • Stir after few minutes. The volume of the leaves should reduce to a 10th of the original volume.
    • Stir again and once it is cooked, drain into the sieve. 
    • Keep aside to let cool it down.
  • Build up the beef Wellington
    • Get the first layer of pastry
    • Place the chicken liver parfait in the centre and spread all over the pastry by leaving at least 2 cm of pastry all around the parfait.
    • Place the “duxelle” of mushrooms on the top of the parfait
    • Place the cold beef filet on the top and finish with a layer of spinach
    • Brush the side of the pastry with a whisked egg using a brush
    • Place the second layer of pastry on the top
    • Close the side of the pastry together.
    • Make a décor with the left over pastry on the top of the Wellington (like leaves shapes)
    • Brush with the egg.
  • Cook the Beef Wellington
    • Pre-heat the over to 180C.
    • Place the pastry into the oven for approximately 45 minutes
    • Half way cooking check the look of the pastry. If needed cover with aluminum foil for the pastry not to burn.
    • Cut and serve when ready.
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