70-year old faces court for painting her house
14th July 2009
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70-year old Sheila New revamped her 230 year old grade II-listed cottage in Crewkerne Somerset by painting it blue - and she could now face court and a heavy fine unless she changes it back to yellow. 

The pensioner is refusing to comply with orders to re-paint - claiming that the local council are behaving like Nazis.

Some Crewkerne residents have complained that the bright blue doesnt work well with the dark weathered stone of nearby St Batholomew's Church. 

Mrs New applied for retrospective planning permission but South Somerset district council refused - a ruling which was  backed later by a planning inspector. He specified that the colour had to fit in with the natural golds, buffs and yellows characterising the local building stone and the conservation area.

Apparently Mrs New didn't agree with any of those colours and has now been issued with an enforcement notice against which she has filed an appeal. If she loses, she could face prosecution for non-compliance with a maximum penalty of £20,000.

The council say they will await the outcome of the appeal before considering further action adding that prosecution would be a last resort.


According to The Telegraph, Mrs New said: "It's such a dreary town I don't know how they can stop anybody trying to bring a bit of colour to brighten it up."

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Here's a pic of Crewkerne:


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