£50K a year job - as a witch
14th July 2009
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Here's a nice stress-free job with flexible working hours, no suit and £50 grand a year?

You might need a black pointy hat and a broomstick - and know how to cast a few spells - but if you're ok with that then you apply for the 'witch' position at Wookey Hole caves in Somerset. The job is vacant as the previous witch has retired. You're in queue though as over 100 people have applied since the start of the week.

The Wookey Caves - near Wells - have a stone in them known as the Wookey Witch. According to legend, she was turned to stone by the medieval Abbot of Glastonbury because she had cursed the village.

The successful candidate for the new job will live in a 'spacious' cave, must be able to cackle, and not be allergic to cats. They will have to perform a range of tasks, which include magic, at the open audition on July 28th.

They are looking for 'a friendly witch with a devilish element' according to their marketing department, because as a family attraction they don't want to frighten the kids. ( the overhead walkway is scary enough, I had to take the cowards way when I went there...)

The position isopen to men, women and trans-gender witches  in full compliance with with sexual discrimination laws.

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