Yippee Yoga Kids Summer Yoga Camp
  • DAMS Watersports Ltd., 43 High Street, St Neots
    PE19 1
Yippee Yoga kids yoga summer camp ...a magical experience --------------- This summer 2018, allow your child to experience a little bit of magic at yippee yoga summer camp ....designed for children (little yogis) aged 6-16… Throughout August 2108.

Yippee Yoga kids yoga summer camp ...a magical experience
This summer 2018, allow your child to experience a little bit of magic at yippee yoga summer camp ....designed for children (little yogis) aged 6-16… The yippee yoga summer camp will be held at Dams Watersports situated between Paxton Pits Nature Reserve and the A1 Great North Road, Southoe PE19 5YF.

This absolutely stunning location is simply ideal for the yippee yoga summer camp.

1st 3 weeks of August 2018

With its lush green English countryside featuring beautiful fresh water lakes and huge willow trees, this delightful haven offers its own tranquil magic....discover it for yourself. 

Discover the magic of yoga... yippee yoga... yippee life 💛

Life is magic…
at what point do we stop seeing life as magical?

Here at yippee yoga our mission is to keep the spirited, carefree, joyful nature alive in children so they retain their magical gifts of unconditional love, innate belief in themselves, abundant lightness and sparkly laughter ....through-out their entire lives!

The yippee yoga kids summer camp is unique in its offer of individual attention to your child as they experience the magic of yoga using music, art, crystals, yogic games and stories, meditation/mindfulness, breathwork, relaxation.

The yippee yoga yoginis will learn to appreciate the true gift of life – they will understand what it means to be in the ‘present moment’ as they connect with themselves, others, the harmony of nature, Mother Earth, and our world as a whole....as ONE!


What to bring
Please bring a packed lunch and water bottle. Biscuit/fruit snack and squash provided.

Wear suitable comfortable clothes and bring an old T shirt or apron for artwork.

Please apply suncream as we will be outside as much as possible.

No previous yoga experience required.

Children booked for full week get free yippee yoga T-Shirt or yippee yoga tote bag.
Dates and Times
30 July – 03 August
9am to 3pm

13 – 17 August
9am to 3pm

20 – 24 August
9am to 3pm

(Should there be sufficient demand, further dates may be added. Please contact MariaElena to register interest).

Please Note:
Although the yoga sessions end at 3pm, we are super flexible and offer you the option of leaving your child at the yoga centre - under well supervised care - until 4pm at an extra charge of £5.
Please mention this at time of booking or when dropping off your yoginis in the morning. 


One week (5 days) £175 per child.
*Full day £40 per child
(*priority will be given to full week bookings in the event of over-subscription)

Course will run subject to minimum numbers of 6 children per session. Places are limited to 20 children.

All sessions are run by MariaElena Cusick creator of yippee yoga and registered Yoga Elder as recognised by the Independent Yoga Network.
With over 27 years experience of teaching yoga and meditation to people of all ages and abilities, MariaElena is a fully qualified Montessori teacher and holds full DBS clearance.

Please contact MariaElena to register interest or to confirm your place. 

Southlake Aqua Park,
Southoe, St Neots,
PE19 6BN


outdoor yoga
Sunny summer days are perfect for enjoying an outdoor yoga session practising fun yoga moves under the cool shade of the trees; hugging the trees and walking barefoot on the grass* absorbing the healing energy of nature to the full.

(*Walking barefoot in the grass otherwise known as ‘earthing/grounding’ enables the transfer of electrons (electricity) from the Earth into your body which is incredibly healing as it moves into the skin and reduces inflammation).

We will hug a tree or two and take time to look up at the infinite sky and the infinite space... we will watch the clouds passing like thoughts that pass in our minds...we will see that by letting the clouds go one by one,we can also let our thoughts go; we will appreciate the power of the sun that brings life to our trees providing us with the oxygen we need to stay alive in this physicality. 

We will awaken to the beauty, mystery and magic of nature embracing the natural balanced energy that is offered. 

As the children learn to be grateful for the simple things in life they start to realize that this makes them feel good from the inside out. They will learn that all gratitude stems from a place of love which requires an open heart.

Developing confidence
In group sessions, the children are invited to speak openly and confidently offering opinions, ideas and fun anecdotes of stuff that makes them feel great and perhaps sometimes stuff that makes them feel not so great. 

We look at understanding how our emotions impact our mental health; they will realize that they actually have ultimate control over the way they feel by breathing out negative emotions and breathing in those that make us feel great.

Gratitude: being grateful and feeling great
By shifting the mind to feel great regardless of what is happening in our lives, the children become aware of their inner strength.

As the children begin to realize the greatness in themselves, they develop positive thinking they start to believe in themselves.

To truly believe in yourself unveils the gift of true contentment. 

The earlier you discover this gift from within the more you can enjoy life to the full as you grow older!

The children will gain awareness of the power of breath using various fun breathing exercises in order to understand how the breath nourishes, empowers, liberates both the body and mind! This always brings much laughter which is incredibly healing too. 

We will incorporate music and other vibrations encouraging free-style movement and dance to liberate the physical form from dense heavy vibration and so reveal the lightness within.
The children will learn that their mind (thought) is ‘the boss’ of their bodies and if they want their bodies to move freely they need to make sure ‘the boss’ is happy!

Letting go 
We will look at the importance of letting go of ‘stuff’ in our minds. We will explore the stories and beliefs that we make up or that others have imposed on us that sometimes prevent us from flowing naturally and living life to the full.

We will encourage the children to rid themselves of the ‘stuff’ that can sometimes block them so that they celebrate themselves and their life on a daily basis! They will be encouraged to step back to recognise and feel that truth within themselves so that they remain ‘free’.

Using various energetic yogic routines/exercises (asanas) specifically designed for children and performed to fun, inspirational music, the children soon learn that they have the power to set themselves free.

Being still – relaxation
The children’s favorite part is the special time to be still.

Magical and gentle sounds are offered and brought to the children’s attention allowing them to let go completely as they relax fully.

During the summer camp we will connect to the vibration of life in the form of bird song, insect sounds, the wind and the leaves rustling in the trees, the rippling vibrations of the water in the lake; we will engage with the warmth and goodness of the gentle sun on our skin, quietly healing and nourishing; we will appreciate the coolness of the grass beneath our bodies ....embracing all the elements and celebrating life to the full.  

The harmony, stillness and peace of nature inexplicably radiates into the children and they feel incredibly and magically calm.

Time and time again, the children have told me that this is their favorite part of yoga. 


give your children the best start to life...
yippee yoga ... yippee life! 


MaríaElena Cusick
om shanti – om peace

Future dates
  • Monday 20th August 9:00am until 3:00pm
  • Tuesday 21st August 9:00am until 3:00pm
  • Wednesday 22nd August 9:00am until 3:00pm
  • Thursday 23rd August 9:00am until 3:00pm
  • Friday 24th August 9:00am until 3:00pm
* thebestof cannot be held responsible for any changes, amends or cancellations of an event