Willow Row Barrow Open Day, Sunday 23rd October
17th October 2016
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Willow Row Opening Ceremony

Sunday 23rd October 

From 10:30am - 4pm


Willow Row Barrow, a handcrafted stone structure built by award winning stonemasons is complete and the team responsible is celebrating with an Open Day on Sunday 23rd October, between 10:30am and 4pm. Inspired by the ancient burial mounds of our prehistoric ancestors, the barrow, in Hail Weston, is the first construction of this type to be built in the county for more than 3,500 years.

Sacred Stones, the company behind the build are inviting the public to come and view the beauty of the structure, and the tranquillity of the location at this informal event.

Willow Row Barrow provides a unique and meaningful final resting places for cremation ashes, During the Bronze Age and Anglo-Saxon times, these structures were built as places where communities could celebrate life. Sacred Stones wanted to capture the essence of what these monuments meant to our ancestors and have revived a traditional way of celebrating life.

Toby Angel, Sacred Stones Managing Director commented, “The long barrow at All Cannings, Wiltshire (designed and built by the team that now forms Sacred Stones) was recently featured on the BBC’s Countryfile programme. It received huge praise and interest and we are truly delighted to present another barrow here in Cambridgeshire. During the build, we have had numerous guests view the barrow. I think we had underestimated quite how people would respond to it. Nearly all have talked about the levels of energy inside the building, and the tranquillity of the location. For many of our guests, it stirred a very emotional response. We can’t wait to be able to share the finished structure with everyone who has followed our journey with such interest.”

The barrow at Hail Weston has been built over 5 months, by hand, by a small team of stonemasons, using traditional techniques. The project took over 3,500 man hours, in excess of 300 tons of limestone, a huge amount of sweat, and the occasional tear. Sacred Stones has been invited to build in other parts of the UK and abroad, planning permission has been granted at a site in Herefordshire.

If you wish to attend, all the organisers kindly ask for is that those who are intending to come register in advance online

The Open Day takes place on Sunday 23rd October between 10:30am and 4pm at the site which is off the B645 from St Neots, just before Hail Weston. Guests are invited to register in advance and can find out more about the event on the Sacred Stones Facebook page.


Sacred Stones


Willow Row Barrow


Hail Weston


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