VAT here VAT there!! It's a minefield for print'
24th February 2011
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Is it VAT Free or VAT-able?

VAT on print can be a bit of a minefield for both customers and people within the print trade. There is a guide published by our government thats is designed to explain it. However if after reading it, you understand it, youre a better person than me. Even our accountant isn't always sure!! So here's Print Hut's guide:

• Books
• Booklets
• Brochures
• Catalogues
• Directories
• Flyers (hand distributed)
• Journals
• Magazines
• Manuals Maps
• Sheet Music
• Newsletters
• Newspapers
• Pamphlets
• Price lists
• Timetables


• Acceptance cards
• Business cards
• Calendars
• Certificates
• Compliment Slips
• Coupons
• Delivery notes
• Diaries
• Envelopes
• Folders
• Forms
• Invitations
• Invoices
• Labels
• Letterheads
• Postcards
• Posters
• Questionnaires
• Stationery
• Stickers
• Tickets
• Design
• Photography and Photocopying

Leaflets are a different matter entirely, to be zero rated they must contain information and be for hand held reading and not display purposes. Must be made up of a single sheet up to A4 and not printed on a card of over 230 gsm.
And finally, if you were wondering what's the difference between zero rated and VAT FREE its simple. The government can change the rate of VAT much quicker than they can changing a products status from VAT free to VATABLE- so there!!
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