Unique laser treatment clinic opens in Buckden.
22nd March 2015
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Unique laser treatment clinic opens in Buckden


Claritas Laser Clinic officially launches in Buckden this month, offering unique laser treatments for tattoo and hair removal and skin rejuvenation.  The clinic sits inside the well-known Buckden beauty therapy centre, Equilibrium and is run by local clinicians Melanie Ando and Sally James.


The opening of the clinic brings new expertise right to the heart of Cambridgeshire.  The lasers at the clinic are clinically proven to be the most advanced, effective and painless systems available and Claritas is one of only a few clinics across the country that uses these impressive systems.


Speaking about the launch of Claritas, Director Melanie Ando said: “We are delighted to open Claritas Laser Clinic in Buckden and provide laser treatments at the highest professional standard.  From the very beginning, it was important to us that we created an environment in which our clients would obtain the most effective and painless treatment options - and we rigorously researched the market to ensure just that.”  


The Directors are no strangers to a clinic environment, with Melanie and Sally having collectively built up over 40 years’ experience as Dentists within Cambridgeshire and more widely.


Claritas director Sally James continues: “As Dentists, we give very high priority to making treatments as comfortable as possible and we take the same approach at our laser clinic too.  When choosing which systems to invest in, we personally tested a variety of hair removal lasers and can guarantee that those we have chosen offer unparalleled comfort.”


The research speaks for itself.  The PicoSure laser system is recognised as the fastest and most effective laser tattoo removal treatment in the world; removing tattoos up to 75% faster than traditional lasers.  The Soprano Ice laser has been proven to be safer, equally or more effective, and considerably less painful than other laser hair removal technologies.


In celebration of its launch, Claritas is holding an open afternoon at the clinic on Monday 23rd March from 2 – 5pm at 61 High Street, Buckden, Cambridgeshire, PE19 5TA. This informal event gives visitors the opportunity to meet Melanie and Sally who’ll be outlining the plans for the new clinic and demonstrating what the range of treatments can offer.



Claritas Laser Clinic can be found online at www.claritaslaserclinic.co.uk, by calling 01480 272 472 or on email at info@claritaslaserclinic.co.uk



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