Turkey trivia - here is the chance to win 200 business cards!
7th December 2009
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How much do you really know about the main ingredient or your Christmas dinner and its history?

Below are some trivia facts about turkey, although there is 1 false one, if you can spot it please email your answer to sales@printhut.co.uk and all correct answers will be put into a draw, to be drawn the first week of January and the chance of winning 200 business cards courtesey of Print Hut, Plenty of Print for Everyone!

1.    The first meal eaten on the moon by astronauts Neil Armstrong and 'Buzz' Aldrin was cold roast turkey.


2.    The costume for Sesame Street's Big Bird is made from around 40,000 white turkey feathers that have been dyed yellow.


3.    In Turkey (the country) it is forbidden to eat turkey (the bird) during Seker Bayrami, the three-day festival to ­celebrate the end of Ramadan.


4.    The Turkish word for the bird we call a turkey is actually 'Hindi.'

      The Hindi word for the bird we call a turkey is 'Peru.'


5.    Wild turkeys can fly at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour and often roost overnight in trees.


6.    The turkey was first brought over to England in 1526 by Yorkshireman William Strickland who acquired six birds from American Indian traders and sold them for a tuppence each in Bristol.

      The first joke about birds with large Bristols followed soon after.


7.    On Christmas Eve 1588 Queen Elizabeth I was dining on goose at Greenwich Palace when the long awaited news reached her that the Spanish Armada had been defeated. She decreed that goose should henceforth be served at Christmas to mark the historic event. The consumption of all other birds was forbidden, so eating turkey on Christmas Day is technically illegal!


8.    It's estimated that over 80% of families around the UK will serve up roast turkey as the centre piece of their ­festive meal this Christmas. That's lot of people breaking the law!


9.    Almost 10 million turkeys were sold in the UK last Christmas. 2 out of 3 were frozen. But not for long.


10.   Turkey contains an amino acid called Trytophan which makes you sleepy. Just like the Queen's Speech.


11.   Three slices of roast turkey breast (skinless) = approx 150 calories. But add in all the trimmings & Christmas Pud, and the typical Christmas dinner can amount to over 2,000 calories. Then there’s the second helpings, the alcohol, the Pringles, half a Terry's Chocolate Orange and a handful of Quality Street, more alcohol, Cheese Footballs, Twiglets and 'Eat Me' Dates, perhaps some sausage rolls and cold turkey sarnies for tea, and the calories consumed over the whole day can reach 6,000!


Good luck everyone!


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