8 Top Tips on Choosing The Right Holiday
27th September 2013
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The summer holidays seem so long ago now and as the weather turns colder you wish you could be somewhere warm.... So maybe it's time to book your next holiday? There's nothing like having something to look forward to, right?

Here's some key tips to factor in when planning your trip:

1. Long haul vs short haul or stay in Britain.This one is an important one, especially if you have children. How long could they spend in a confined space, and does the airline cater for children (give them things to do)?

2. Weather. Check the weather and the season in the place you want to go to. There's nothing worse than expecting sunshine and days out on the beach but arriving when it's rainy or monsoon season. Also check it won't be too hot!

3. Flight times. Are you going to have to get up so early you'll be exhausted when you get there and then waste a couple of days by getting back on track? And if you have to get straight back to work on your return, check your arrival times too.

4. Transfer times. How long (and how complicated) is the transfer time to/from the airport to where you're staying? After a long flight the last thing you need is a three hour drive to your hotel with or without screaming kids in the back.

5. Self-catering or all inclusive. Self-catering is great if you have fussy eaters in your party or maybe have family members who like to eat at different times. All inclusive holidays are getting more popular these days as everything is paid for up front (though some may charge extra for some things like alcohol and certain soft drinks etc.) which can really help with your budget.

6. Childcare. If you do have children is childcare important to you or would they get bored without kid's clubs? 

7. Things to do. If you like to get out and about, your worst nightmare could be a holiday by the pool, and visa versa! Even if you do like to sit by the pool, it's great to have the option to go exploring so check out car hire or transport and the best places of interest nearby before you go.

8. Tripadvisor. Get real people's reviews on the place you're thinking of going to so there's no surprises when you get there. www.tripadvisor.co.uk

Okay, so now you've though about all of the above, it's time to start searching! We think the best way of finding a holiday to suit you is to go to your local travel agent. Wish You Were Here Travel Agents in St Neots are known often to find a match to any deal that you may come across online - they also usually have some good insider knowledge on the places you may want to go.

Fancy taking the stress out of getting to the airport? Courteous Travel are experienced in door to door service to and from Airports and Seaports, among other places and come highly recommended by some of their customers on The Best of St Neots.

Happy Holidays!




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