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15th October 2012
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On behalf of Tina at Sleep Baby Sleep..

I’m finally blogging!With a little bit of help from someone more technically minded than me ;)

But I’m here and will now be writing regularly, which is great news for everyone who’s been asking me to for a while! The question I’m most frequently asked is:

What do you do? I’m a sleep consultant and a maternity nurse.

A maternity nurse can work with a family as soon as mum comes home from hospital with her newborn baby. I come in and offer advice, guidance and support and guide baby into a gentle routine so that it can sleep through the night, as soon as they can.

Or, I’m there to give parents a night of uninterrupted sleep – something that they could be in need of after a long labour or stay in hospital postnatally.

As a sleep consultant I work with babies from 3 months to three years and again, I offer support and guidance and teach parents and their baby or toddler about their sleep habits. I provide advice and support for what’s good for the baby, their family, and how they can all get a good night’s sleep. And that’s it. That’s what I do.

It doesn't sound like much does it? But it has a huge impact on the families I work with. Instead of singing my own praises...

Please click below to see my feature on "The Best of St Neots" where you can read reviews / testimonials that have come from recent clients…


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