The Power of Words and Adverts
4th May 2010
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£100.00 off all our printed products

Sounds good eh? Sadly not an offer this week, but an example of the power of a redeeming voucher.
Potential customers are exposed to hundreds of adverts across a wide array of media every day. Leaflets have a slight advantage over most other types of media, as they are tangible. You can hold a leaflet, read it, absorb the information and either put it in the bin, or keep it in your pocket for when you need it. The chances of a potential customer putting a leaflet in their pocket and keeping it for when they actually do need it are multiplied greatly if they have an incentivised reason to do so, such as a voucher.

Adding a voucher suddenly transforms a simple piece of paper into a potentially valuable piece of paper! If the recipient does not have an immediate and active need for the products and services being offered, then a proportion of the print will not make it beyond the first available bin. A voucher should make a potential customer think that the leaflet might come in handy in the future, and that they have a financially worthwhile reason to keep the leaflet until it is needed. Please note that offering a £5 discount when spending £1,000 does not do this! That said, a voucher doesn’t directly have to cost you a large proportion of your profit margin. You need to identify the range of offerings you can provide which sound very generous to the customer, but are actually very low-cost for you.
This also works on a personal level, as just yesterday we used vouchers to get into Warwick Castle and got 2 free child places which saved us £40.00 so vouchers really do work!

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