The National Flag Mess
7th October 2009
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The Union Flag debate

Was trying to explain to some St. Neots youngsters last night about our flag. Christ what a mess we are in. How on earth are we meant to promote our nationality and identity when we dont even know who we are meant to be - including me. Are we English - YES. Are we British - YES. Do we live in the UK -YES. Do we live in the British Isles- YES, though only geographically speaking. Is our country Gt. Britain or Britain?- . Is Scotland part of Gt. Britain -YES. Is Wales techincally a country? and so on and so on and so on. However thats only half of it. What about our flag then. This is an even bigger mess. Why is Wales part of the United Kingdom, but no where to be seen on the Union Flag - the flag of the United Kingdom
Time to bin that union flag once and for all. It seems the only denomination who can use it without any confusion would be the unionists in Northern Ireland and dont want to even begin to go there. I really think we need to sort out our identities and this may begin to address a load more of the bigger issues we seem to be burdened with, socially, racially, politically, and culturally in our fine country / countries. Interestingly what is the flag we are going to be showing the World in the Olympic games in 2012- the Union Flag or the St. George Cross? If I were a welsh athlete standing on the podium receiving my olympic gold medal, I would be offended if  a foreign flag was flown and not my own. By the way, they off course have a choice of two in keeping with the national flag confusion we are entrenched in - The Welsh Dragon or the 'Y Ddraig Goch' and the Cross of St. David.

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