St Neots Policing Team Crime update January 2011
6th February 2011
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St Neots Policing Team Blog

Dear Reader,

Please find the January 2011 St Neots Neighbourhood Policing Team Blog below.

The selected topics we aim to cover will be; Crime trends of note, Anti Social Behaviour Updates, Other Work and Good News/Work Stories.
Each member of the team has worked extremely hard to provide a high level of service during January.

Before we start to discuss the above topics, please be aware of our three new Neighbourhood Priorities. These priorities will be in effect for the next three months:

Night Time Economy (Town Centre)
Speeding (Kimbolton/Stonely & Great Staughton)
Anti Social Use Of Vehicles (A428/Tesco)
Crime Trends Of Note
Priory Ward (Town Centre)

The number of shopliftings within the Town Centre has dropped dramatically during January, seeing its lowest number of crimes reported.  The Priory Ward has also experienced a small increase of dwelling burglaries. The reported offences are of a similar nature with the offenders gaining entry to properties by forcing open front doors or windows.

Eaton Socon/Ford
The “Eatons” have become victim to numerous reports of vehicle crime. These offences are being committed during the hours of darkness and within a small geographical area. The damage/interference being done varies from damaged windows/mirrors to slashed tyres.

Criminal Damage to vehicles has also spread to Eynesbury with the offences being similar to the ones being committed in the Eatons. Eynesbury has also had two theft of motor vehicles reported to the Police, these vehicles are being stolen from within communal parking areas or from a private driveway. A number of attempt thefts of motor vehicles have been reported as vehicles are being tampered with. Vehicles that are ten years or older are being targeted.

The Rural beat has experienced a high number of oil thefts from a number of different locations. Domestic heating oil is being stolen from properties along with fuel being taken from vehicles; offenders are simply removing fuels/oil from vulnerable properties/vehicles by transferring it in to another container. Shed burglaries have increased over the past month with offenders gaining entry and taking valuable electronic equipment.

Anti Social Behaviour Update
Your Neighbourhood Policing Team received reports of a 16th Birthday party taking place at the Little Paxton Nature reserve a few weeks ago. Officers and PCSO’s flooded the area to immediately put a stop to the underage drinking and prevent issues.
Small convenience stores within St Neots began to receive minor antisocial problems. Youths were attending these shops and causing problems for the members of staff and intimidating customers. The stores began to reports these problems to the Police who assisted by attending the stores, dealing with the issue(s) and banning these persons from attending in the future.
Cross Keys Mews in the Town Centre began to report reoccurring problems with school pupils hanging around the area in front of the small shops. Along with engagement with the schools your local Officers and PCSOs completed patrols at the heart of the issue resulting the youths moving on and peace being restored.

Other Work
Patrols by all officers and PCSOs have been focused on the Town Centre during January. The reason for this is relating to the robberies that occurred during December involving the G4S Vans that carry cash, subsequently no further robberies have been committed.
Officers have been completing local surveys in problems areas with an aim of trying to gather more information about the reported issues in order to take action. PCSOs have speaking with residents and members of the community to gather intelligence.
PCSOs have also increased they engagement with schools on their beats by attending school lessons/lunch times allowing the opportunity for the pupils to speak with them and get to know their local officers. 

Good News/Work
A good piece of teamwork involving PCSO Hankinson & PC Carl Harris proved vital in order to detain an offender who had stolen items from the Co-op store in St Neots and also assaulted the manager during his escape. PCSO Hankinson & PC Carl Harris responded immediately on foot to this incident from the station. The officers met up with the members of staff from the store where the offender was positively identified running away from the scene. PCSO Hankinson & PC Carl Harris gave chase for a number of minutes resulting in the male being successfully detained and arrested for the revealed offences.

Two successful arrests of prolific shoplifters were completed by PC Bockham. The two offenders were charged with these offences and continue to be monitored.

Large amounts of ‘Section 59s’ have been issued to drivers who are using their vehicles in an Anti Social manner. Sections 59s are warnings that are issued to drivers advising them that if they continue to use their vehicles antisocially the Police have the power to seize their vehicle.

We hope all readers find this blog useful and interesting.

If you wish to speak with any member of your local policing team please contact us on 0345 456 4564 or visit the Police Station (Dovehouse Close)

Many thanks.

PCSO Rob Hankinson & PCSO Tom Baugh.

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