St Neots Picture Gallery Frame Makers & Framers - (FATG) Regional Winners!!
24th March 2010
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St Neots Picture Gallery Framers & Frame makers – Regional Winners!!!


2010 is the Centenary Year for the Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG). 

 As part of the celebration a decision was made to hold a special national Centenary Competition.


A unique piece of artwork was commissioned from the digital artist, Caroline Woodward and we were lucky enough to receive No1 of one hundred.


Each entrant was free to think up any presentation so long as they complied with the stated criteria.


  • Fulfil all of the entry criteria
  • Reveal your creativity and design ability
  • Add value
  • Make appropriate use of framing materials
  • Enhance the framed item
  • Show skill and finish


The entrant also has to choose from the 5 levels of Framing as prescribed by the FATG.


Our Entry

We are pleased we chose to base our framing on the FATG logo itself.  This may seem a little obvious but as Warhol pointed out with his Campbell Soup tins a copy can itself be original.


Techniques and Materials

All the work is to FATG Museum Standard.  The finalised work is actually four frames brought together. 


The lettering was hand carved.  The outer frame is gilded with 22.5ct gold leaf and then burnished to a gleam. 


The whole outer frame has then been antiqued and distressed to look just like the original frame the logo was based on. 


Behind the glass the artwork is cosseted by high quality non acidic materials and the calligraphy was carried out (as everything else) In-House.



Mr. John Davenport & Ms. Clare Harris

St. Neots Picture Gallery

Tel: 01480 215291


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