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21st June 2010
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Suspect your Business is about to get robbed by a TRP (Traditional Retail Printer)

With just the final tweeks to carry out we are expecting to have up ‘n’ running very soon. So this week thought we would give you some scenarios where the site will benefit your business. Remember the site is the voice of the very best in wholesale trade printers throughout the UK and beyond and is totally free to use, no data capturing or lengthy registration. In actual fact we reckon you can be on and off it in about 1 minute!!


Scenerio 1

Got a price in from your TRP (Traditional Retail Printer) and suspect you are paying too high a price……

Create an incident room and we will investigate. You will get back a red light or a green light with our verdict



Scenerio 2

Budget for your business….

Visit the site and tell us what you are looking for and how much you wish to spend…..

Text box should read something like.

How many printed A5 flyers can I have for £300.00

Printed BOTH sides

130 gloss

Delivered to Surrey

You to supply artwork

In this instance the site will reply with 8000 flyers for example


Scenerio 3

Business Planning?

Maybe you’ll just about to start out in business and want the very best price for corporate stationery. Give the site the details and ask for a price….


Scenerio 4

Planning some marketing activity?

Need flyers to market your business, but don’t know who is offering the best deals. Well will. Ask us what you want and await the best price…..


Scenerio 5

Don’t forget its not just print,, will tell you whether you are being taken to the cleaners on artwork and design projects. Fill out an incident room and the site will give you wholesale design and artwork costs as well…….



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