Printing in St Neots is it a dirty Buisness?
5th August 2009
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Continuing with my theme of the environment and the print industry, what can the consumer do to help with the environment whilst still benefiting from an Ultra Wholesale Printing Company. Well here's one.... ask for your company's printing to be produced on recycled paper. Whether its business cards, letterheads, comp slips or marketing A5 flyers, all these can now be produced as competitively as normal non recycled stocks. So dont get fobbed off from your printer that recycled paper carries a premium price. It just means they haven't invested time to source the right paper supplier. And do you know what, It is probably harder for Print Hut to buy non recycled paper than recycled paper now..

Why use recycled paper?

There are three main reasons to use recycled fibre:

Lower resource use: Paper manufacture is very resource-intensive. It simply makes no sense to use paper only once, when it can be so easily re-used.

Less landfill: Recycling reduces the amount of waste paper going to landfill. It is predicted that we will run out of landfill sites in the UK during the next decade. Landfills will be replaced by incinerators, whose toxic fall-out has been proven to be harmful to human health. Also, as it biodegrades in landfill (anaerobic conditions), paper produces methane, which is 23 times more powerful than CO2.

No harm to forests: Only when using 100 percent recycled paper can you can be absolutely sure that your product has not had a detrimental effect on any forest.

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