Not smoking its been a week............
29th March 2010
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As some of you may be aware I went to the Allen Carr Easyway to stop smoking last over a week ago.

And I have to say so far its been easy...

They just talk to you for about 5 hours and dispel the myths and get you to understand what smoking does for you  --- The truth is NOTHING!

in the past i had tried everything to stop smoking without success but one you understand the psychology behind smoking its easy.


Anyone that wants to quit then try this method....£220 is well worth it 9 out of 10 stop smoking and they even offer a guarantee.



My headaches have stopped, I am sleeping better, don’t have a wheeze and am already £30 better off.

The National Health Service would be better using this than adverts or nicotine replacement therapy.


All the best

Phill Scott

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