Local community website " The Best of St Neots gets a six figure upgrade
23rd September 2011
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Best of St Neots gets bigger better & faster...


Local community website gets a six figure upgrade / makeover.. Will be completed early 2012.


Started 4 years ago local community website  "The Best of St Neots" will undergo a complete overhaul costing in the region of $250,000 across the network.


Its all about being at the front of the pack when it comes to speed, reliability and technology for a community website providing the best of what St Neots has to offer..(including 120 great local businesses)


The site currently gets an average of 24,500 page views per month with 5300 reviews and over 3000 registered users. (growing month on month)


Enhancements include:


  • Completely new widget based website.
  • "Community Marketplace" for local's to "sell, swap, rent, offer" to each other.
  • Greater user interactivity.
  • 2 way social media linking allowing anything local to be fed into the site.  Inc google +.
  • Increased performance, speed and usability.
  • Fully geo coding and internal search facility within "The Best of".
  • Full listing of local strategic partners and cross linking of websites / social media.
  • Talkback on reviews / testimonials.
  • Enhanced blog and events uploads.
  •  Plus much much more...

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