Later shopping on Thursdays and free parking
28th September 2013
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High Street businesses in St Neots have agreed to stay open later on Thursdays to give shoppers extra opportunity to shop local.

Many stores will be staying open until 7pm every Thursday from 17 October, and to encourage shoppers to take advantage of these extra shopping hours Huntingdonshire District Council is offering free car parking after 3pm on Thursdays.

In addition to this, the council will also be offering free parking after 3pm, Monday to Friday, from 2 to 24 December 2013, in all council run car parks.

Parking is already free in town centre car parks on Sundays. This special offer is also valid at the Beales and Waitrose car parks in St Neots.

Shoppers will not have to pay and display a ticket during the special offer period. Signs and stickers will be on display in car parks and on the car parking machines explaining the times when the offer is valid.

If you arrive before 3pm you will need to pay for enough parking to cover you until 3pm.

Councillor Nick Guyatt, Deputy Executive Leader said: “It is great to see businesses in St Neots getting together to offer later shopping once a week, and the council is pleased to support this initiative with ‘free after 3pm’ parking.”

Katie Williams, St Neots Town Centre Manager said: “We hope this special parking offer will encourage shoppers to come into St Neots to take advantage of later shopping on Thursday evenings. It is the first time shops have collaborated to open later. With many people now leading busy lives, juggling work and families the traditional shop opening hours of 9am – 5pm are no longer convenient. By extending opening hours until 7pm it will benefit a broad range of residents and we hope this initiative will provide a welcome boost to businesses.

The offer is valid in the following car parks:
St Neots Priory Lane Brook Street Tan Yard Priory Tebbutts Road Riverside – long and short stay Cambridge Street, Beales and Waitrose

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