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1st March 2010
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The more you know about the characteristics of paper, the better able you will be to save money when specifying paper for your printing jobs. In fact, if you specify the qualities you require in your paper, rather than a specific name brand, your printer may be able to offer several acceptable options.

So Print Hut are going to spend the next few weeks looking at the various characteristics you should consider to ensure you get exactly the look and feel you want from your printed items. This week it’s all about Opacity of paper. Opacity essentially determines show-through. Some of us love it and some find it totally unacceptable. It can be used creatively to enhance a printed item or can ruin your printed project if got wrong….

Opacity is the measure (percent) of the amount of light passing through a sheet of paper. Some papers have more fibres and/or fillers and as a result are more opaque than others. Papers containing more fibres and fillers have the ability to hold a printed image without showing through to the backside as easily as papers without as many fibres and fillers. Just because a paper is thicker does not guarantee that it is more opaque than a thinner paper. Some thinner papers may be more opaque because there are a greater number of fibres and/or fillers in their composition.


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