How bright to have your paper
8th March 2010
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Paper is a material known to everybody. It has a network structure consisting of wood fibres that can be mimicked by cooking a portion of spaghetti and pouring it on a plate, to form a planar assembly of fibres that lie roughly horizontal. Real paper also contains other constituents added for technical purposes. Last week we looked at the effects of Opacity. Now lets have a look at the Brightness of the printed sheet. Brightness refers to the amount of light a sheet reflects through a scale of 0 to 100 percent. Crisp white sheets often exceed 90 percent. Whiteness refers to the colour of the reflected light; either yellow-white or blue-white, i.e., warm or cool. Brightness and whiteness affect readability. Too much light tires your eyes when reading long blocks of text and the crispness of photos where as too little light reflected back makes photos seem dark or muddy. So yet again another factor is consider when ordering your printing: however after all said and done there is also the fashion element to consider. For example uncoated papers that reflect very little and generally make photography look less detailed are as popular as ever and now transcend all printed media whether business, marketing or promotional printing. A move that would have been unheard of as little as 5 years ago!


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