Hopefully we are seeing the back of the recession
22nd February 2010
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The biggest gains for Cambridge based printers will be the opening of mar­keting budgets after the lights have been well and truly switched off over the past 12 months as the UK comes out of recession during the first half of 2010. Marketing Managers across all sectors will, however, be under huge pressure than they ever were in recession to demonstrate the greatest return on their investment on any increased spend.


So what can printers in Cambridgeshire do to assist with this recovery? Well first up enlighten the marketing guys about what has been going on during the past 12 months in the printing industry whilst they have all been knapping and tell them all about the accessible, smart things we can all now do with their data. The next decade has got to be about the result of the advances in printing technologies and not just printing. Now is the time for Cambridge based printers to start sowing the seeds for the expected emergence of the recovery. We as an industry can not now just sit back and wait for the sales to flow in cos they WONT if we remain complacent.

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