19th January 2010
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Giving up smoking was one of the hardest things I have done after over 10 years of trying to give up the normal ways.............

Then I when to Allan Carr's Easy Way and yes it cost me £220 but it was the best money i ever spent and I found it very easy (you just realise its a mugs game and day goes to weeks, weeks to months and you just can't be bothered smoking - Its weird how it worked as I came out of the session thinking its not going to work!


But after nearly 2 years I slipped and made the biggest mistake by thinking I could have just one and but still be a none smoker!!!!!

One leads to another and the next thing you know is that you are back upto buying a pack a day.


I now know that you can never have one once you have stopped smoking.


Thats why I am going back to Easy Way to kick it once and for all...........


And you are invited - If you want to give up and live locally I am looking to book a session For March / April 2010 in either Stevanage or Cambridge. Yes it costs £220 but as I said before it worked for me for 2 years.....

If you are interested in joining me either email or call me..

All the best

Phill Scott @ thebestofstneots

01480 382889 Email: stneots@thebestof.co.uk





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