Get your Chrimbo Cards working Harder St.Neots
16th December 2009
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Thanks to everyone for their kind words on their Christmas cards, however next year have a hard think about how powerful a Christmas Card can be as a piece of marketing material. Remember that only 20% of your clients will know 80% of what you do, or put another way 80% of your clients only buy 20% of your products. So tell them what you do. Almost all of our cards this year have wished Print Hut a Happy Christmas and all that stuff, but have not given us any update on their products and services. Next year folks start to use that empty page 2 (inside front cover) and start to sell yourselves more. There is nothing worse than a customer saying 'well we didin't know you offered that!!!'  I bet you only communicate with your clients once a year around Christmas so make it a bit more intelligent.
Happy Christmas

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