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1st September 2009
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Print Hut! see loads of micro buisness coming to us wanting to see their name in lights. Often a start up business is desparate to see the business name on their printed matter as large as possible. In actual fact guys, this can be a costly exercise and a strategy as effective as throwing money out of the nearest open window. Here is a fact that is going to hurt. 'Your customers are not buying your company name.' What they WANT to buy is what is left once you're gone. So think hard and work on a message that is going to strike a chord with their needs. Likewise the content that you are going to use need not be lenghty at all. Please dont write a book for a flyer, you will possibly only have one chance to grab their attention and your potential customer wont tolerate a written masterpiece. Finally get a 'call for action' planned. How are they going to make contact with you? If you are using a phone number make sure for god sake someone can answer the call. If you want to use an email, reply immediately with a confirmation. It's easier than ever to set up auto replies. To get print working for you, you will need to get this right. Do some research with your current data base. Ask your clients why they use you. I bet the reasons you think they use you are totally different from their reasons for using you. Basically tune your business radio into your clients wave lenghts and not into your own wave lenghts. If not you are transmitting to an audience of ONE! and thats YOU! Customers are selfish people as are all human beings; They want to know what is in it for them and not what you do. A classic example of this is the DIY guy who visits B&Q looking for a 3mm drill bit. What he really wants is a 4mm hole isn't it, but you cant buy a 4mm hole can you!!!
Think better micro buisness and your print investment will return so much more.

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