Does Saying "I don't know" make you unprofessional?
15th December 2013
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When the pressure is on and you really don't know the answer to a question there are a number of ways that you can answer which can leave your professionalism unscathed and maybe improve your reputation at the same time. Try these:

"That's Exactly What I'm Looking Into"

Your mind goes blank and you hadn't thought or hadn't finished researching something that your boss or client expects you to know. You can embellish a little further by saying "My initial investigation showed....but I'm not convinced that it's a true representation." This portrays that you were already looking into the matter but also gives you a chance to go away and find the answer without losing face.

"Well, this is what I can tell you"

This is a great way of swaying questions that take you off topic or are irrelevant back on track so that you can follow your own agenda for the meeting or project.

"I Don't Think I Would Be The Best Person To Answer That"

This is the ideal way of responding to questions to which there's no way you know how to answer. Sometimes you don't have the background knowledge of every aspect of your business or subject but by then offering another person or department it saves you from the embarrassment of "I don't know".

All of the above will make people feel like they have been answered and acknowledged while keeping your own professionalism and integrity intact.

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