Deferral of Rate Liabilities for St.Neots Businesses
12th August 2009
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Always looking for ways for small business in St. Neots to keep their cash for longer and if we cant find it in their printing costs we will find it other ways; Here's one;

The Deferral of Rate Liabilities Scheme has been set up by the 'smashing' chaps at HDC.

You now may be able to spread the payment of the increase in your 2009/10 business rates bill over a 3 year period. There is a Leaflet that provides the full details, which is only available for this financial year only. If you wish to opt into the scheme, simply fill out the form, sign it and return to HDC in Huntingdon. Quite simple really. Print Hut have done it and seems to be a no brainer really. However we are waiting for confirmation!!!!


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