Christ its Christmas Card Review #1
13th September 2011
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Review Day 1. Christ its Christmas:

Card Name: Star Stud
Designer; Will Mead / Sparticus
Reviewer: Frank Golden, Print Hut

From the classic collection of 'Christ Its Christmas', this card stands the test of time with it's iconic snow flakes. Notice how Will Mead has stripped out from stars what he sees as unnecessary detailing, to leave a fresh and minimal approach to the subject matter. The Mid blue clarifies class and reputation. A card for all ages and tastes. The clever positioning of the more vibrant stars draws the recipient eyes to the edge of the card and on to the text section. When a card is this simple everything has to work and this has been acheived effortlessly by this young Irish Designer. A timeless Christmas card experience.

8 of 10 for reputation building
6 out of 10 for gratitude reflection
9 out of 10 for graphic content
Total score: 23 out of 30
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