Career Opportunities in The Printing Industry in St.Neots
5th January 2010
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Career Opportunities in the Print Industry

The UK printing industry invests some 750 million pounds every year in new equipment and systems. We are amongst the most innovative and high tech industries in the world and printing today involves extensive use of digital technologies and computerisation. From spectrophotometry systems to measure and adjust colour balance on printing presses, to variable data software which enables digital pictures to be personalised to make every printed copy unique, to computer to plate systems and even direct press imaging without the need for platemaking, the modern printing industry has embraced new technology like no other. We need computer-savvy young people to get the best out of this new technology, to design and implement new applications for equipment manufacturers and to maximise the return for companies which invest so much in capital expenditure every year.

There has never been a better time for young people to join the printing industry. We are facing a real dilemma – the average age of a printing employee in the commercial sector is 52 and in newspaper printing is even older. Since printing is a well paid industry, many print employees are retiring before the age of 65 so we are facing a huge skills gap unless we attract new young blood into the industry. Our dilemma is their opportunity. Career advancement opportunities abound for talented young people who are prepared to work hard. There are countless examples of managing directors and even some chief executives who have risen to the top from the shop floor, starting their careers in composing, printing or finishing departments, often as apprentices.

Printing also offers young people the chance to diversify their careers. The days of demarcation are long gone and flexibility is the key to successful businesses today. If young people are willing to be flexible and to become multi-skilled, they will become more employable and can expect to earn more and reach higher positions than those who just stick to one skill.

Careers in the Printing Industry
The printing industry needs bright, enthusiastic young people with different skills, and from all areas of society, to help it continue to forge ahead. So if students are looking for a career in a busy, highly skilled, technologically advanced and creative industry, which is also ranked among the highest paid in the UK, then the printing industry is the place to be.

Total Annual Salaries in the Printing Industry (taken from the BPIF Salary Survey Report 2007 based on medium sized companies - 5m-10m turnover)

Managing Director 85,000
Production Director 64,000
Commercial/Marketing Director 62,000
Finance Director 59,000
Sales Manager 40,000
IT Manager 40,000
Sales Executive 37,000
General Manager 35,000
Quality Manager 32,000

These figures are a little out of date but give a good indication of how the printing industry rewards individuals who are prepared to work hard and demonstrate commitment and flexibility.

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