Bogus Bank Calls - Watch out St. Neots Small Business!!
20th September 2009
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HBSC Fraudulent card services

I recently had a call from HSBC fraudulent card services or something, asking for some key information from me, before continung with the call and handing over important information that clearly would be of interest to me. Trying not to sound like James Khan from the BBC hit series the Dagons Den, let me tell you where I stand;

Never ever never ever never!!! give any information to anyone proporting to be from the bank. Think about it; what levels to the bank go to ensure when customers call in they are satisfied with the true indentity of the caller. In this recent incident I refused to exchange any information. Instead, I went online, and printed off a statement called into the HSBC call centre and followed up on the enquiry. And here comes the best bit!!! Guess what, no sign of fraudulent activity or any call logged as being made. This was a professional caller who would have in time convinced me of their total integrity - dread to think of the consequence to my bank balance.

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