1st October 2014
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There's nothing like a late summer BBQ to welcome the new season of Autumn in!

The Best of St Neots (Phill Scott) and Edible Ornamentals (Shaun and Joanna Plumb) hosted a great BBQ and chilli tour for local businesses and our friends and family!

A big thank you to everyone who attended!

Including some of our very own Best of St.Neots businesses;

Al's Tattoo's & Piercing.

Goldstraw Jewellers & Goldsmiths.

Village Landscaping.

Hamiltons Pet Foods, Accesories & Greengrocer.

i-d Image Development Photographers.

Sleep Baby Sleep.

As well as friends and family of the Best of St.Neots who all made it a great evening!

Guests started to arrive at the Chawston Chilli Farm at around 6:30/7:00pm before grabbing a drink and proceeding to partake in our very own chilli tour, guided by the ever so lovely and knowledgeable Joanna, who informed us about the Scoville Scale which is the measurement of how spicy a chilli is! Which had everyone wincing about how hot the hottest chilli actually is!

Joanna then gave us all a paper bag each so that we could pick our own chillies, in the numerous polytunnels!

As the tour rounded to an end, Joanna then led us into the shop/cafe area so that we could sample some of the chilli jams and sauces that are all made from the chillies that are grown onsite! As well as allowing the more brave, to taste test the chillies! I myself only managed the jalapeno!

All the produce are available to buy from the shop, and there's plenty to choose from! Even chilli jam gift sets for those of you who can't decide what's your favourite!

Some great Christmas present ideas! 

The wonderful evening ended with the most delicious BBQ spread; from chilli burgers to chilli and cheese quesadillas! As well as burgers and pizzas for the non-chilli lovers! 

If you haven't yet visited Edible Ornamentals, Chilli Farm, Chawston. Then I would highly recommend going there for a chilli tour or just to have something to eat!

You won't be disappointed!

 On behalf of myself and everyone who attended, I would just like to say a great big thank you to both Joanna and Shaun for allowing us into the world of chillies!


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