Applying the 'Ultra Wholesale' attitude to your print buying
9th September 2009
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 So thought I would share some tips with St. Neots small businesses once a week on how to save money when purchasing printing for your business

First up then for this week;

When speaking with your printing company ask if they have any tips to save money, I know its obvious but they are the experts. Also they may have loads of paper stock that they want to shift from a previous job or from a common probelm of over ordering. Currently, it will be sitting around gathering dust and they should be absolutely delighted to do a deal with you, but if you dont ask they will never know you are interested. And dont worry, if its a slightly different shade of white - it wont make a jot of difference to your branding. Nor will your clients make any comment or buy less from you as a consequence. It could save you a surprisingly high percentage of the overal cost.

So heres the action;

* Call up the printing company and ask to speak with the estimator.  

* Mention you are looking to purchase some printing from them, but have they any surplus paper stock they are looking to shift IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!!!

* Ask if the estimator could speak with the production manager on site and call you back later in the day.

Cheers all

Frank Golden

Print Hut! Plenty of print for everyone!



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