A few tips on driving in ICY conditions
6th January 2010
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My wife Deb asked why I am not bothered driving in ICY and snowy conditions, so i thought why not blog about it.. Here are some tips that may help, but i am sure most of you know this anyhow..


Tip 1 - Make sure all passengers are wearing seat belts.


Tip 2 - Use the defroster, check windshield is clear, wipers are working and lights are frost free for better visibility.


Tip 3 - Brake, change speeds and turn much more slowly and allow more time for each, as sudden actions are not good in icy conditions


Tip 4 - Give sufficient warning time to other drivers when turning, stopping or changing lanes.


Tip 5 - Keep plenty of distance between cars. You never know when you will hit an icy spot and it can take upto 10 times the distance to stop.


Tip 6 - Pump the brakes slowly and gently if your car doesn't have antilock brakes. Constant pressure can cause them to lock and skid.


Tip 7 - If you do skid, turn the wheels into the direction of the skid.


Tip 8 - Keep in mind that melting ice is still slippery. Drive slowly so that your tires can push water through their grooves for better traction.


Tip 9 - Always try to keep to revs lower than usual by changing up gears quickly to reduce to chance of the wheels spinning.


Tip 10 - Try to make sure you have a a fuller tank of petrol, some warm clothes, your mobile, shovel and a drink if the worst happens. IT’S BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY…


Take it easy......Phill

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