A fan of Dummies for your infant or not?
13th January 2015
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Let's talk dummies..... Now people normally have a like or a dislike for these a little bit like marmite.

I am frequently asked if I recommend them and client's are normally shocked when I say yes!

Personally I think they are great at helping to soothe your baby, especially if they have any colic or reflux symptoms. They keep crying to a minimum and relax your baby.

They are also a great sleep tool, especially if used sensibly. If your baby has a dummy most of the day, it won't necessarily act like magic for sleep times, so my tip to help a baby to sleep better would be to offer it at sleep times only.

If your baby wakes numerous times during the night just for the dummy, then it might be time to ditch the dummy as it has become more of a prop and baby should learn to sleep without it. The use of white noise is also recommended as baby will soon recognize it is sleepy time. Even without a dummy.

If you do offer your baby a dummy they are normally accepted better in the first few weeks post birth. Even if you are breast feeding your baby, offering a dummy will not cause confusion. However, I would normally suggest introducing one somewhere between week two and week eight.

I have known some older babies (around 16 weeks) to suddenly take to a dummy but it is unusual, and they usually play with it and use it as a toy.

What are your views on dummies? Do you like them or not?


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