5 Quick Tips to Declutter Your Home
26th January 2014
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Are you sick of seeing clutter?

When your home is full of clutter, tackling it can be overwhelming.

Try our 5 quick tips to get a good start:

  1. Have a place for papers - whether it's bills, letters from school, invitations or something that you picked up and want to read later, find a place for them. It could be an inbox, a drawer or just one spot in a particular place, but at least it will make it look tidier and you'll know where to find them when you need them. 
  2. Make a "clear" zone. Clear off an area, maybe a counter-top or a table, and this is your no-clutter zone. Make a rule - nothing can be placed in this spot while it's not in use. Then, each day, slowly expand the zone until it envelopes the whole room, then expand it again into each room. 
  3. Make an appointment for a decluttering weekend. Okay, so maybe you don't want to do a bit each day. Put an appointment in your diary for a declutter session one weekend, then make another appointment for a month later, and a month after that. You'll probably make great progress. 
  4. Pick up 5 things and find places for them. These items should be things you use but don't have a "place" for them. Then ALWAYS put them back in that place when you've finished using them. It's amazing how much better you feel when you have a place for everything. 
  5. Have a "maybe" box. Sometimes there's that stuff that you feel it's a waste to throw away but you don't use it much. If you designate a "maybe" box, you can place these items in it. Then six months from now go through the box and anything you've not used, throw it away! (Or just throw the box away). 

Decluttering your home can make you feel so much more organised and less stressed! Take some time today to decide your tactics and you'll have your home looking feeling and looking clutter-free in no time!

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