14 Days of Love your local business & Win great prizes
1st February 2010
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Small business owners are the unsung heroes of our communities and they need some loving!

They've kept the economy going through all the turmoil of the last 24 months and now's the time for the people of Britain to show them some love...which is what this campaign is all about.

The '14 Days of Love' campaign is encouraging people all over the country to 'share some love' about a great local business.

We've set up a page here where anyone can go and declare their love for any great local business.

Each time you 'kiss and tell /show love' you make the day of a business owner who's not used to being told how good he/she is.

By sharing some love in such a simple, but tangible way, you can shed a little light into the dark of winter and make the world just a tiny bit better place!

Check out the Love-o-Meter to see the Top 20 'Most Loved Businesses' in town, or our separate list of the Top 5 'Most Loved' businesses by category right across the country - so 'most loved florists', 'most loved printers', 'most loved tree surgeons' etc.

In addition, we're recognising Britain's Greatest Lovers - the people who are giving the most love to support their great local businesses. Get involved and it could be you!

It's a fun campaign, with a serious message, and it's designed to make thousands of business owners right across the country feel better about themselves because they feel the love of their customers - something us Brits are normally very bad at doing.

Would be great to have you involved - and if you do share some love during the 14 days then you'll automatically be entered in our FREE daily prize draws, price examples diner for 2 top michelin star restaurant, Silverstone Farrari experience, Spa Days, trip on the Orient Express, £200 voucher and a lot more.

You can enter the prize draw by telling us which local business you love, and why, here.

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