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Thanks Phill for all your help and support for all the hard work you have done for my business, it has really helped my company profile.
Nothing seems to much trouble and you handle it with true professionlism.
It certainly takes a lot of the everyday stress away.
Certainly the best money we have spent on advertising. And we a very proud to part of "The Best of St Neots.
What can we say? Word of mouth and recommendations are always the best form of advertising and since The St. Neots Carpet Company joined Phill and thebestof our testimonials have spoken for themselves! And the best bit..... Phill does it all for us!

Many thanks!
Louise Wood
Phil did a terrific job of getting all those testimonials in and putting a real BUZZ in 'Bestof'. Would not have happened without him! Great job Phil - Many Thanks from our team! Ian
We feel Phil is very enthusiastic in his attitude to best of... since signing up our web results have really taken off, and i can't praise him enough for the work he puts in. Inspirations (Paxton Hill)
Dynamic Phill! They should call him 'Super-Phill' he is everywhere. :-) He does a great job providing this rapidly growing marketing web-site and probably the best networking in the St Neots area. Many of the special offers are stimulated by Phill so he is making sure that you, the reader, get added benefit by choosing 'bestof' St Neots. Cheers from The 'Shoe in Offord, best food for miles! Ian
Being on the Best of St Neots has not only been of massive benefit to St Neots Fencing Company, but the the support behind the scenes from Phill has been first class.

Obviously you only get out what you put in but the Best of 'concept' allows you to do just this, but the support, assistance, and regular visits from Phill mean that you do not just sit back and hope for instant success.

If nothing else the Best of site gave us a top search result via google, which is worth the fee alone. But you get so much more..

Thanks Phill & Best of
Best advertising I have done. Being a small local business this is perfect, I would say the new customers that have found me on The Best Of St Neots have covered my cost by 4 times. I also like the fact its 24 hour advertising & works well with google! Future clients can read my reviews and have confidence using my services. I now see the logo everywhere so i know the exposure is growing... Many Thanks and keep up the great work...
I met Phill about 18 months back now when signing up to the Best of, in that time Ive done work for a lot of his family and have got to say my contacts and customer data base has nearly doubled, so I would like to say a big thanks from us for all your help along the way.

Having been recommended to Phill by a Client I was very interested by what he told me the site could do for local businesses.
After giving it a go I was very impressed with the professional manner in which the site presents all it's business members. Having just restarted my business I was not able to market myself effectively due to costs, but this site is better than anything I could have hoped for, and at a sensible price. The amount of business it has generated for me is way above anything else I have tried in the past and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Well done Phill and thanks for all your help. Mike Taylor Accountancy.
Joining 'the best of st neots' was so easy. Phill takes all the worry out of building the web page and is very proactive about getting started. I had loads of help and ideas for my business and was put in contact with some great other businesses. I'm really looking forward to a long and happy partnership with the best of st neots.
Phill has a great love for what he does, this is easy to see. He is very enthusiastic and motivating and it is definately infectious. 'The best of' is a brilliant way to advertise our business and has brought us many new customers. The testimonial part is the best part, allowing your business to be transparent and let potential customers see that they won't be disappointed if they choose to use you. Great work Phill, keep it up.
After seeing the Best Of St Neots logo more and more around town, I sent Phill a email to ask about joining the ever increasing number of great local businesses on the site. Phill came to see me and explaind how the best of st neots works, so no problem Phill signed us up that was in March, since then my business has got stonger as the weeks go by, in this present climate we all have to think of ways to inprove our business and I can say that by joining the best of st neots has done that for me, Phill has done all the he said he would do for our advertising, he is always updating my details and he is always on hand to help, since joining the best of st neots in march we have 61 testimonials and I find that when I was advertising in the local paper I did not get this feed back, I would recommend 100% that any business that wants to improve thier sales then there is only one way to do this and that is to join the best of st neots and let Phill do his job, and if they work on it like we have at Al's Tattoo & Piercing Salon (Cross Keys Mews St Neots) they will reap the benafits as we have.
Phill thank you for all your professionalism and thanks to you and your support my business is going from strenth to strenth keep up the good work.

Al & Lyn
I would not hesitate to recommend Phill and the best of st neots site. His professionalism and enthusiasm for the site and also our business is very encouraging in the present climate. Nothing is too much trouble and it is always taken care of immediately. Thanks Phill for all your help.
Kelly at Crystal Beauty
When Phill approached us about being on the best of St Neots, after one of our customers recommended us, we decide to go with it for a year to see how it went! And yes we have just signed up for another year and stopped advertising with the yell.
Phil gives us constant updates of new promotions plus idea’s and the occasional phone call just to see how things are.
We highly recommend using Phill and the best of St Neots for all your local business advertising and needs.
The Best of St Neots has completely changed the way we (The St. Neots Cleaning Company) advertise and provide our services to the local community. Phill is incredibly enthusiastic (without any annoying sales pitch!) and really drives the cause of local, small businesses.

Not only have we found that the BoSN provides valuable leads for all of the services we provide in a direct manner but BoSN also helps us to show prospective clients how serious we are as a long term reliable business.

I would recommend BoSN to any business locally that wants an interactive marketing tool that is run by an enthusiastic and supportive person (thanks for everything Phill).
I joined The Best of St Neots not really kowing what to expect. As a small business (St.Neots Auto Electricals )advertising costs have to be proportionate to the business that it can generate. I have found the BOSN has been by far the most cost effective and professional way of advertising and producing new customers. Within the first WEEK of 'going live' I had 3 customers (that I know of) who used us for Air conditioning, that came direct from the site. Don't miss out if you get the chance..
Since being included on the ‘best of’ site our business (Safe Place Electrical Installations) has certainly grown. This has been due to a number of factors, the first of which is the drive and determination that Phill has and the total commitment from him to ensure the site is successful for all who use it. This coupled together with the additional exposure and interaction that this particular web site offers for both the professional and the customer has proved to be a winning combination for us at Safe Place.
It’s great having Phill and his expertise on-side. Keep up the good work Phill!!!
The best of has really helped when it comes to poeple searching on the internet.Its a great way of being on the first page of google!
The bestof Idea seams a very small investment to me for a potentially highly effective sales tool. It has worked well for Printhut! with on average 4 calls a week now. Phil is very approachable making a highly technical sales pitch very simple to understand. I have no hesitation in recommending The best of St. Neots to any business in the town that wants a slice of local market share! Well done Phil
Having just decided to "take the bull by the horns" so to speak and invest in internet marketing, Phill Scott was recommended to me and even after being in business for over 27 years it was a pleasant experience when Phill came to my office, very rarely do you meet with someone, even those that own their own businesses with so much enthusiasm for what they do. Having just signed up with five other web directory sites Phillʼs the Best Of St Neots was the last piece of the jigsaw, and I must say that after Phill had left my office I felt really excited within, and that he and his site had really completed the picture, not only did he stick to his word and have my advert on line as promised in 4 working days including the day he signed me up, but better still within a week I was in 3rd place on the 1st page of Google, no other directory site has matched this yet. So finally to finish on a personal note, thank you Phill your site will no doubt be a success with all the love, effort and enthusiasm that you exude for the Best of St Neots I will have no problem in recommending your services to others. Regards Mark.
When Phil first mentioned about "the Best of" I jumped at the chance, because I could see his enthusiasm for it and that this was a good way to better my business. Itʼs a great way to advertise (word of mouth) and with people using the internet more and more itʼs the way forward. Also itʼs nice to see that people appreciate my efforts in trying to do the best job I can. Thanks Phil for this great opportunity.
Great local advertising of businesses that really know how to look after thier customers. I have used it once, and will be using it again
I am pleased that Lions Den Computers was approached to advertise with The Best Of.

When I met Phill I was impressed with how much he cared about what he does, thatʼs evident from the way he treats his customers, ready and able to help with anything they might need.

Each time Iʼve dealt with Phill he has rapidly answered any questions and always taken the initiative to help me.

Iʼve used all kinds of advertising over the years and have always felt doubtful about ʼthrowing money away.ʼ With Phill Iʼm convinced Iʼve found The Best local advertising medium!
when i met phill what came across very quickly was his energy enthusiasm and hard work
let me tell you little bit about it i run a small building concern so i dont have huge amounts for an advertising budget so im always cautious
since i have been with the best of folks i have been promoted in so many different ways that just an ordinary ad wouldnt do and for less
also i i will say i havnt doubled my turnover but i have closed 2 jobs because of the best of team
also if you were to google builder st neots best of st neots thanks to bets of were there in top3 listings brilliant phill
so if your fortunate to be invited go for it its definately the way forward
and you will be put forward in so many possitive ways
many thanks phill
l would like to thank thebestof for the professional and
speedy way you have promoted my business. Since signing
up just a few weeks ago l have already experienced an
upward growth in requests and confirmed orders. l shall be pleased to recommend this website to my friends and colleagues. Having found various forms of advertising previously, expensive with little response.

This has definitely been thebestof
Thanks again for your excellent website
Jachie Ashley.
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