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Solar Panels Cambs Ltd is an MCS accredited Solar PV installer and renewable energy specialist based in St Neots operating across Cambs, Beds Herts & N’hants. We provide Solar PV Consultancy Design and Installation services for domestic commercial and agricultural projects.


Solar PV systems (solar panels) are a  ‘fit and forget’ renewable energy technology that has dramatically fallen in cost over the past 5 years since the Government’s Feed in Tariff(FiT) incentives scheme was launched.. Once installed, they require virtually no maintenance or service, and last up to 30 years, – and   with most solar panels  guaranteed to generate at least 80% of their rated power after  25 years.

The Government’s Feed-in Tariff incentive to install  renewable energy systems means that solar PV electricity generating  systems will not only provide FREE electricity for life, but also produce a guaranteed tax-free income for the 20 years of the FiT contract.

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  • Sunlight is free (Cambridgeshire) is not California but there’s still enough sunshine to power solar panels!) so once you've recovered the installation cost from your FiT payments and savings off your electricity bill the electricity the panels generate is free
  • You get paid for the electricity you generate even if you use it yourself – this is a huge benefit of the Feed-in Tariff system
  • Whenever your solar panels are generating electricity and you’re not using it (eg: in the summer when you’re at work) your system automatically routes it onto the National Grid and you get paid again!
  • Solar energy is green, renewable energy, free from CO2 and other pollutants. A typical home solar PVsystem
  • Whenever your solar panels are generating electricity and you’re not using it (e.g.: in the summer when you’re at work) your system automatically routes it to the National Grid and you get paid for “Exporting” your surplus clean green electricity!
  • Solar energy is a clean green, renewable energy, so no CO2 or  other pollutants are generated when you produce your own electricity.   Solar PV systems  save 0.54kg of CO2 for every unit(kWhr) of electricity they produce, so a typical home system saves more than 1.5tonnes of CO2 a year, every year for 30 years..

Recently the Government agreed to pay £92 per MWh for electricity from the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station.  This is more than double the current wholesale prices of £42 per MWhr, which is expected to double in the next 10 years. This clearly indicates how much prices will rise over the life of a Solar PV system. With energy costs this high, being able to generate your own free electricity will be increasingly valuable, as well as helping to protect you from energy shortages likely to occur as  “dirty” coal-fired power stations are decommissioned.

Solar Energy For Homes

Homeowners used to be put off the idea of solar panels by the installation cost and the concern that the energy generated might never be worth the cost of installation. NOT any more.

When the energy savings and Feed-in Tariffs are taken into account, a typical domestic solar PV installation in St Neots could provide annual returns of  8 – 12% and a pay for itself in just approx 8  years. And that’s on top of the reduction you’ll make to your carbon footprint, and the value added to your home by the solar system should you decide to sell.

“Thoroughly enjoyable experience from first contact, through installation to commissioning. System is performing better than expected. Highly recommended!  I have just claimed the 3rd FIT cheque. Total to date in 9 months is £714 (for a 2.5kWp system). Should easily clear £1100 in the first year.” – Andy Croft,  Beds (2013)

Renewable Energy For Businesses

All the benefits above also apply to business premises such as offices, warehouses, factories and retail buildings, and public building such as schools and leisure centres. These premises tend to be occupied during the day so they can immediately use solar energy as it’s being generated, which improves ROI.


The cost of a Solar PV system can be offset against your business’s Annual Investment Allowance(AIA) which allows your company to invest up to £200,000 in plant or machinery with the benefit of 100% corporation tax relief.

For larger businesses, there is also a legal requirement to meet Carbon Change Levy(CCL) energy efficiency targets. Solar PV systems  go a long way toward this goal and as you replace energy generated by burning hydrocarbons your Solar PV system also reduces your CCL tax liability.  All  businesses  benefit from the long-term savings on electricity costs, whilst promoting their green credentials to their business community, an increasingly important corporate responsibility, in a very visible way.

Solar Panels Cambs Ltd offers a free no-obligation survey and a full analysis of the costs and benefits of a solar energy installation on your roof, or even on vacant land. They will then work with your facilities management to specify and install the solar panels and maintain them over the long term. 

Solar Panels Cambs were very helpful in explaining the options and provided a good competitive quote for the work. The installation went in quickly and any issues were dealt with promptly. The post-installation documentation was thorough and helpful. The system has produced just over £300 of generation during the winter and I expect this to increase significantly as we head towards summer.” – Mike Thomas, St Neots

Costs & Income Calculator

To get a more detailed breakdown of costs and income for a solar installation at your home or business, start with Solar Panels Cambs’ solar PV calculator or why not request a quote from this recommended firm of solar panel installers.


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