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We would thoroughly recommend Northbrook as the teaching is superb and fun, yet safe, Also the staff are very welcoming.
We have been at Northbrok for 2 and a half years now and are still enjoying it.We love riding with Anna, the lessons are fun and enjoyed dearly bye us.We love the Horses and Ponies and love to ride them.There are a couple of Horses that are special to us.We would never leave Northbrook. The owners Andrea and David are very approchable, helpfull and nice people.Harriet and Jake are also nice and helpfull and they are always around the horses and helping you if you need it. They always hold rallys and fun days aswell as regular show with jumping, in-hand showing and ridden classes they offer high places and it is fun through out the whole day.Northbrook has a very personal feel with friendly staff and instructors.We think Northbrook is a great place to start riding, expand your horse knowledge and riding or board you horse/pony, attend shows using their horses or your own.We think you should definatly try it there, as we did and loved it.There are horses for every ones ability. Amy&Jane
A riding school gives the impression of several "donkeys" following nose to tail around a small arena with some bored person sat on a block in the corner shouting the same thing week in week out, this certainly isn't the case at Northbrook! The horses are willing and able but still safe. As the wonderful instructors have helped me to improve, the horses have been capable of the more challenging questions asked of them and I can see the results of all of this by competing in their regular shows. It's more than a riding school and the owners are simply the best!
Quite simply the best riding school I've ever had the pleasure of going to, (and having ridden since I was 7 I've seen a fair few!). The owners, Andrea and David, are just briliant, as are their children Jake and Harriot. The whole family are totally dedicated and committed to their horses and work extremely hard, but still they manage to learn clients' names and have a chat with you for a few minutes!.The lessons are well structured by the instructors Without exception, all of the staff, instructors and helpers are kind, polite, full of smiles and ready to help and answer any quesions you may have. The horses and ponies are beaufitul, fit, healthy, and lovingly cared for. All the above makes for a fantastic stables with a lovely welcoming atmosphere. My 8 year old daughter, Ami, has been riding here for a couple of years and thoroughly enjoys herself, and her dad and I love watching. We thoroughly recommend Northbrook and can't rate it highly enough. Marks out of 10? 11! Sue Sayer
i have been going to northbrook for 2 years now and i ride on a thursday night with anna. I love my lessons, anna is a great teacher, and always look forward to them. I also joined the Pony club and have recently had a fab day to visit the cambs hunt. i get on really well with all the staff, andrea and david and their two children jake and harriet. I am 1 of only a handful of boys that go to northbrook but i am always made to feel welcome and have from day one. Its a fab place- luke p
I have been at Northbrook for 2 years now, my riding has improved greatly with the excellent tuition available there. Andrea, David and the staff make u feel very welcome spending time there is the highlight of my week. The horses and ponies are all well cared for and there is a mount for every ability. I have and would again recommend northbrook.
i have been riding at northbrook for 4 years now and since andrea and dave took over it has got alot better and more fun . the instructors very good and nice , the staff aare ahppy to help you with anything and helping out on weeknds has helped me learn alot more there is nowhere else i would go to ride!
its a good place and u learn alot
Ive been riding at Northbrook for almost 3 years now and since Andrea & Dave took over it has improved so much! Everyone there is really friendly and helpful and the lessons are always great. Ive learnt alot from helping out on weekends and have made loads of new friends. All the horses and ponies are well looked after and loved and i wouldn't go anywhere else! Highlight of my week.
It is very well organised, the ponies and horses are well looked after, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable
We have been riding at Northbrook for about a year and a half and its great. You do a variety of different things in your lessons and we have learnt loads since we have started riding. We wouldnt want to go anywhere else. We also help out on saturdays and sundays around the yard and there is a fun atmosphere. All of the staff are really friendly and Andrea + Dave have loads of things going on, but always make sure everything runs smoothly. It is a very professional stables and we would highly recommend it to everyone.
My daughter is 11 and loves her weekly group lesson at Northbrook. The staff are very friendly, the lessons are professionally run and the horses and ponies are very well cared for. I've even been tempted back into the saddle myself after many years and thoroughly enjoyed the private lesson I had booked.
I've been riding at Northbrook for over 2 years and since Dave & Andrea have taken it over I've enjoyed it even more. I enjoy the lessons I have every fortnight, they always give me a challenge. The best thing about Northbrook is Andrea and the intructors match you to a horse of your ability, and everything you do is a natural progression in your riding ability.
My daughter is 11 and loves her weekly group lesson at Northbrook. I've even been tempted back into the saddle myself after many years and I can therefore also recommend the one to one lessons as well. Andrea and Dave and their staff are all so welcoming and friendly. The ponies and horses are very well cared for.
I am eight years old and have been riding at Northbrook for a year. Everyone there is really friendly and the lessons are good fun. My brother Harry is six and he has started riding too. We both love all the ponies and look forward to seeing them every week. We are really happy riding at Northbrook and wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
Im 15 and i have been riding at north brook for nearly 3 years i first found out about it when my sister started riding there and i enjoyed watching her and wanted to join in. Anna is my riding instructor and she makes lessons fun and exiting i love most of the horses i ride. everybody there is kind and helpful i highly recommend this place to go if you are looking for somewhere to learn to ride.
Iʼm 13 and have been riding on and off over the past 6-7years.The only stables I wanted to go to was Northbrook because my cousin had been riding there years and she said how nice the riding teachers were.I am now riding regularly and I am enjoying every moment of it.
Although i used to ride at Northbrook, itʼs now my daughter who goes there and has all the fun. The lessons she has with Anna are always enjoyable, safe and challenging. She loves it. As an adult who also used to ride there, i have just recommended Northbrook to a work colleague, who was disappointed at the tuition at a different stables, and has had her 1st private lesson and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. If your thinking of your child learning to ride, or just want to get back into the saddle yourself, iʼd recommend Northbrook.
I came back to riding late in life and my lessons at Northbrook are now the highlight of my week! The horses and ponies are well-schooled and cared for and riders are always given a mount that is matched to their level of ability. Safety of horse and rider is paramount. Private lessons are available but shared lessons are in small groups so riders get plenty of personal attention.
Iʼm ten years old, I love horse riding and have been going to Northbrook since I was about two years old. My riding teacher is Anna she is a great instructor she is so much fun and teaches really well. There are a lot of great staff, and ponies. I like riding all of them and have a great time.
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